Why Engage in this Contract

We realize that every client has a different set of contingent workforce goals.  With our fully integrated, flexible and scale-able, web-based VMS (developed, owned and operated by Covendis), no two programs are alike, nor are two Agencies. 

Our experienced, cross-functional team provides personalized, attentive service from a company whose mission is to make it easier for clients to work with their suppliers. Utilizing our well- rounded expertise of the buyer, supplier and service provider community, Covendis ensures that our clients realize their cost saving, transparency and efficiency goals.

Our strong and diverse Supplier Network enables us to continuously deliver and improve quality service while managing costs. Driven by business requirements, the Covendis solution is responsive to the needs of our clients and succeeds in cultivating successful relationships between the State, contingent IT professionals, and the small, local and diverse Suppliers that employ them.

Who Can Use This Contract

Any State or Purchasing Entity who would like to use this contract can participate by signing a Participating Addendum. Entities who are not states may sign their own Participating Addendum if and to the extent that the chief procurement official of the State where the Participating Entity is located (or such other approval as may be required by law) gives prior approval of such participation for writing. Participating Entities shall coordinate requests for such participation through NASPO ValuePoint at THay@NASPOValuePoint.org. A chief procurement official's approval to a non-state entity to participate through execution of a Participating Addendum is not a determination that the non-state entity has the necessary or appropriate authority to enter into the Participating Addendum. Prior to executing a Participating Addendum, each entity must ensure that it has the requisite authority to execute a Participating Addendum.

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If you would like to obtain services, select "Get Started" below and fill out the following form with your entity's information, or please contact our Connecticut Program Manager by emailing connecticut@covendis.com for further assistance. 

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Contract Documents

AA Covendis NASPO 14PSX0338.pdf